• Water is our most valuable natural resource.

    Faintend is committed to preserving this resource for coming generations all over the world.

  • Greenfain WP3 makes irrigation more efficient and saves money.

    More photosynthesis, lower use of water and energy!

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The patented Fain technology producing the special surfactant mixture does not cause emissions, effluents, noise or smell. It is eco-friendly and consumes only a small amount of energy.

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Rapidly biodegradable and fully water-soluble Greenfain WP3 saves water resources, energy, time and money – and does not harm the environment.

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The unique, cost-effective Fain technology can be licensed for utilization anywhere in the world.

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Fain special surfactant mixture can be refined into unique products

Fain technology is the basis for a whole range of diverse Fain products: in addition to the unique Greenfain WP3, Faintend produces high quality washing and cleaning liquids for both consumer and professional use, as well as special products for the construction and metals industries, agriculture and environmental projects.

  • Greenfain WP3

    Greenfain WP3

    By using Greenfain WP3 the consumption of irrigation water can be reduced by as much as 30-40 %, depending on the structure of the ground. It also makes plants, lawns and crops greener and stronger – while using less water! Rapidly biodegradable and fully water-soluble Greenfain WP3 saves water resources, energy, time and money – and does not harm the environment.
  • BioActivator FBA 100

    BioActivator FBA 100

    Fain BioActivator FBA 100 is 100% organic product and it is based on so called effective micro-organisms. BioActivator has been developed for demanding use of professionals in agriculture and gardening, farmers and home gardeners. BioActivator is used in compost heaps, fertilization and gardening and also in reducing smell e.g in cowsheds and piggeries.
  • Fain General Cleaner for Farms

    Fain General Cleaner for Farms

    Fain General Cleaner for Farms is suitable for cleaning and washing the floors, walls and different machinery at farms and it is very effective in washing the manure off the cowsheds and piggeries. The biodegradable, eco-friendly and non-irritating Fain General Cleaner can be used in traditional manual cleaning by brush, but it can also be used in power washers.
  • Fain BioActive 100

    Fain BioActive 100

    Fain Bio Active 100 is a new type of microemulsion manufactured from natural fatty acid esters. Fain Bio Active is a new alternative for traditional hydrocarbon solvents. It removes effectively bitumen (asphalt), tar, resin, soot, graffiti and other types of hard dirt, forming a protecting surface to the cleaned area.
  • Fain Metaltend (surface tension reducer)

    Fain Metaltend (surface tension reducer)

    Fain Metaltend is used in metal industry in reducing the surface tension of the cooling, condensation or hardening water. Metaltend is used as an additive in basin water for example when cooling copper, steel or other metals and it improves the quality of the metals, as it does not include soap-based surfactants and is effective even in extremely high temperatures.


Faintend cherishes green values and is committed to protecting them, not just on paper, but in all of its activities. This means producing eco-friendly and, in all respects, safe and high quality products. In this manner, we are not only acting responsibly to protect the environment and people’s health but also ensuring the safety of our operations and products.



Fain technology is
noise-free and odour-free,
and it does not pollute the ground, air or water.



Fain products do not cause irritation to the skin
or other discomfort to users, and the
products are biodegradeable and water-soluble.



All our products are manufactured
following a strictly controlled development
and production process.